Benefits of Dog Lick Mat

Have you noticed your dog is anxious or bored lately? Maybe he’s following you around the house or chewing up your favorite sandals. Or maybe your dog isn’t anxious, but you’re looking for an easy way to help them eat slower.

If you’ve searched for solutions to any of these problems, you’ve probably come across dog lick mats. These are also known as dog lick pads.

These rubber or silicone mats have a texture that allows food to be laced in its grooves, so that your dog needs to work harder and lick to consume the food.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss what are the benefits of dog lick mats.

Licki Mat

1. Keep Them Busy

Some days you’re really busy, whether you’re doing chores, running errands, or working. Just because you have a cute dog at home doesn’t mean you can give him attention 24/7.

One of the great benefits of a lick mat is that you can keep your dog busy when you can’t entertain him. This is especially useful for younger, more playful puppies who need attention.

Put his favorite soft food on a lick pad and let him enjoy himself, at least for a little while.

If your dog is more prone to being lazy, it’s also a good tool to give him something to do. Your dog’s mental health can greatly benefit from enrichment from a dog lick mat.

2. Ease Anxiety

According to Medical News Today, more than 70% of dogs display anxiety. That’s a lot of dogs. It’s pretty common for dogs to feel some anxiety during stressful situations. This includes fireworks, nail clippings, grooming, and going to the vet.

One of the best lick mat benefits is that it can help calm your dog and ease anxiety. Licking releases relaxing hormones, which helps him calm down. Lick mats also serve to distract your dog from a stressful situation. He becomes so focused on licking every little bit of food off the mat that he doesn’t notice what’s going on.

3. Tooth and Gum Health

As your dog licks the lick mat, his mouth stimulates extra saliva production. This has several health benefits. Saliva helps clean your dog’s gums and teeth.

Your dog’s saliva is also better at protecting against cavities. The more saliva your dog makes, the less likely he’ll get cavities.

One of the other benefits of a lick mat is helping your dog’s breath. Continuously licking the mat scrapes extra food and bacteria off your dog’s tongue. You may notice your dog has fresher breath after licking their mat clean!

4. Improve Digestion

If your dog eats too quickly, he may get very uncomfortable and then throw up. He also gulps down air that makes his stomach expand. It’s painful and causes discomfort. As a pet parent, it can be difficult to watch.

Luckily, using a lick mat can help slow your dog’s eating. When you spread food onto the lick mat, food settles into the texture of the mat. Your dog has to spend more energy and time licking to get all the food.

When your dog uses the mat, he’ll eat slower. This will lead to more satisfaction and less stomach pain.

5. Weight Control

Another problem with eating too quickly is that it can cause your dog to consume more calories than he needs. If your dog is overweight, he probably needs help regulating his diet.

One of the lick mat benefits is that it slows down how fast your dog can eat, so he’ll feel more satisfied sooner.

Another way that lick pads can help weight control is by cutting down portion sizes. You can only put so much food into the mat.

Your dog will take longer to lick up what’s on the mat without even realizing it’s less peanut butter than what he’d normally get.

6. Use for Training

Quick treat rewards are one of the best benefits of a lick mat. It works for any kind of training, including potty training and commands. You can use the lick mat to deliver your puppy’s favorite snack as a reward for being a good boy.

One of the more notable training uses is crate training. You never want the crate to be a punishment, but rather a comfortable place. You can put a lick mat in the crate while your dog is crate training.

When you use the lick mat in the crate, it’ll give your dog something fun to do. They’ll associate getting a treat with being in the crate. If they’re nervous about the crate, a lick mat will calm their fears and give them something to look forward to.

Conclusion on What are the Benefits of Dog Lick Mats

Well, I hope I’ve answered for you what are the benefits of dog lick mats also known as dog lick pads.

If one of these benefits above apply to your fur baby, a dog lick mat can be a useful tool in your arsenal. They can help with a wide variety of problems, and they can greatly improve your dog’s mental health.

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